Aircraft Acquisition Process

Customer Requirement Assessment

Aircraft search based on customer requirements and connecting with Aircraft manufacturers for new aircraft or pre-owned aircraft sellers worldwide.

Legal Documentation
  • Preparation of legal documents such as Purchase Agreement, Escrow Agreement, and Ferry Agreement, etc.
  • Obtaining Import License, Non-Scheduled Operators Permit (NSOP) category or private category as desired by the customer.
  • Preparing various manuals and documents for compliance with CAP 3100 and CAP 8100 requirements from DGCA.
  • Pre-purchase Inspection & Acceptance of Aircraft & helicopter.
    Setting up Trust for transfer of ownership.
  • Appointment of renowned and reliable lawyers in the country of export of aircraft to handle the transaction from a legal point of view, if required by the client.
  • Export formalities including documentation such as Export C of A, De-registration, Customs, etc.
Engineering Checks & Ferrying support
  • Fitment of additional equipment or avionics, if required.
  • Painting & refurbishment by overseas agencies, if required.
  • Organizing aircraft ferries by professional pilots.
Assistance & Liaising
  • Assisting customer in finding a suitable foreign pilot and his security clearance by Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Customs clearance in Country of export & in India.
  • Registration, Aeromobile License, and first Certificate of Airworthiness in India.
  • Assistance in selection and appointment of aircraft & helicopter maintenance agency.
  • Assistance in the recruitment of Pilots / Engineers and organizing their training and all the clearances by DGCA including foreign pilots.

Note: Many other activities that are not listed here and may be required by DGCA